Challenge yourself this year

Remember who you are!

That was my favorite line from the movie “Lion King”.  It can relate to anyone at any period in their life when they are doubting themselves.  This year challenge yourself to get back to the time when you were your healthiest, happiest, and most confident.  Or reach a level that you have always wanted to attain.

We would like to help you with a little motivation.  The Panther Challenge is a competition to put you on the right track.  The contest will run for the next 12 months and at the end we will give the winner a Max Set as a prize to those having the achieved the most progress on the way to a better and healthier life.  Starter sets will also be awarded to people who achieve honorable mentions.

If you are all in please go to the contact page and register by sending us a message that you are interested.  Today is the day.